Apple Inc. is the 1st rank of the FORTUNE magazine March 2011 edition as the most admire company. Why business people admire it for the four straight years? Because the company keep innovate and its products very successful over these years. So, let’s take a look for their innovation and what makes Apple Inc. successful.


Innovation on Technology

Now, the entire screens from Apple are using the LED backlight especially for the MacBook and the IMac screen. The LED does not have warm up time so it on instantly and the use less power. It can save 30% energy than standard display. Also, the colour from LED screen more “pop out”, the intensity of colour is higher and brighter


The Trackpad on the Mac notebook is different with others trackpad. It has multi-touch technology. You can click, scrool, swipe, and rotate the screen. Now, Apple also has the Magic-Trackpad, it is bigger than the Mac notebook trackpad and it can connect to the Mac desktop or the notebook also via Bluetooth.



The Trackpad is easily adjusted for what you need, maybe you do not need several gesture for the Trackpad. Just set in the system preference and disable you do not need it.


Innovation on Process

On the assembling the products Apple has a term called the Unibody process. This process was used on the MacBook pro aluminium for the first time. Then, it is applied on assembling the MacBook white polycarbonate, MacBook air aluminum unibody, and IMac aluminum unibody.


The MacBook used to in the multipart. The problem on the multipart is it adds weight. So the revolution is change it into one part what they call unibody. It becomes lighter and more precession.


The process is also environmental friendly because the aluminum unibody is made from single piece of aluminum.  The piece is milled and there is much aluminum pieces. Apple collects the pieces then recycled it to become the unibody again. Here is the video about the design….



Innovation on Product

The Apple is not only focus on the computer product. In the 2001, Apple released the IPod, which became successful audio music player.  Then in 2007 the Apple emphasized their portfolio with IPhone and Apple TV. What becomes really emerging nowadays is the IPad.


The IPad is multi-touch tablet that include newspaper, magazines, eBooks, textbooks, photos, movies, TV shows videos, music, word processing documents, spreadsheets, video games, browsing, and IPhone applications. The IPad is categorized between the smartphone and the notebook. For the first time, I think the product is not really interesting because it is more that a smartphone but is not as good enough as a notebook but Apple found opportunity to get the market. The value what they bring for easiness and simple way to bring all data and entertainment on it is really success and profitable.



Innovation on business model

The Apple Inc. Business Model for the IPod could be described as bellow:




What the uniqueness from the IPod is we should use the ITunes to put in the songs, it also requires for IPhone and IPad. The ITunes also as the media player, online store for music, video, and application. The purpose of ITunes is to decrease the piracy because you only can put in the songs, video, or application that purchased from ITunes store and what already in the IPod, IPhone, or IPad cannot be copied to other devices or media to avoid the piracy.


In its business model, Apple accepts the trading system.  You can trade your old Apple products with the newest version with give some extra money but not the full amount for the newest products. This also shown that Apple care about their customer who always wants update with the technology but they do not want so many electronic junks. So, Apple applied this system that care for the customer and the environment.

There is also uniqueness from Apple about their operating system. Apple does not do licensing for their products, which different with others operating system that give licensing to be used by other companies. The reason is Apple wants to give exclusivity for the customer.  If you using the Apple’s operating system so you have the Apple logo on your casing device : D


The lessons that we can get from Apple is when doing the innovation, we should know what value we are going to deliver. Also, do not be afraid to expand your ability because at first Apple only producing computer then it grow to other electronic devices such as IPod, IPhone, Apple TV, and IPad. The last, we have should know the opportunity on the market so we can be the leader on it.


That’s all from me. Hope you get the remarkable information : )